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Lost Wax Casting

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Lost Wax

We mainly use the lost wax casting process to reproduce sculptures, reliefs and monuments in bronze.

 For medium and large sculptures we use the ceramic shell coating process. 

For small sculptures we use the “Block Mold” method, which also allows a great degree of detail with shorter production times. 



The Lost Wax Casting process allows for an excellent final finish on the sculptures to be reproduced, an important added value, given that the role of a good caster is to reproduce as faithfully as possible the work of art in their hands.

The lost wax casting process produces parts with a high degree of precision and detail.



We can cast parts from ferrous and non-ferrous materials such as bronze, aluminum, stainless steel or iron.​



Sculptures can have complicated and detailed shapes, such as jewelry, dental prosthetics, all types of parts for machinery and the automotive industry and of course sculptures in bronze or aluminum with the most diverse shapes and sizes.

Lost Wax Casting Process

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