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Parallel Lines

Get a Quote

ATTENTION: Mão de Fogo MDFGO is located in Portugal.

For projects or Artworks to be installed or shipped outside the European community may incur additional transport costs, Customs and Taxes in the importing countries.


Quote for Sculpture Casting.

Budgets for foundry and artistic projects.

You must provide as much information as possible, including images, drawings, sketches, 3D files and expected date for delivery of the completed work


Quote For Art Fabrication

Budgets for the design and construction of sculptures, installations and artistic projects.

Museology and heritage conservation.

Magnification, 3D Scanner, 3D printing of Sculptures.

You must provide as much information as possible, including images, drawings, sketches, 3D files and expected date for delivery of the completed work


Quote for Bronze Conservation or Restoration

Budget for restoration of Bronze sculptures, repair of broken elements, cleaning and maintenance of skates.


Quote for Art Comissions

Budget for sculptures, originals of sacred art, busts, figurative sculptures, personalized trophy plaques, high reliefs, etc.


Budget for Production of Decorative Elements

Budgets for the production of personalized artistic decorative objects, furniture and architectural elements.

Other Contacts


Submission of Portfolio to Art Gallery

Use este formulário para envio de Portfólio Artístico.

Procuramos para a nossa Galeria de Arte, escultura para exterior de grandes dimensões, e múltiplos pequenos de arte.


Collaboration Opportunities

We are currently looking for full-time or part-time employees in the areas of Silicone Molds, Casting Wax Work and Bronze Finishing (Chiseling).

Occasionally we need figurative sculptors (Ex. Busts)

Use the form to send us your CV or Portfolio

You can ask us for a quote for any artistic project you are developing, even if it is still in the conceptual phase.

We can, from a simple sketch, even on a paper napkin, give an estimate of the price of foundry, construction or even technically guide the project so that in the end it is economically and technically viable.

To ask us for a final quote or an estimate of values, you can send us an email to, with a photo or a sketch, indicating the dimensions, the material or materials to be used, the quantity or a small descriptive memory of what is intended.

In the case of large-scale projects, it is also advisable to indicate the installation location of the sculpture.

We will always be available to discuss your project in video conference, if necessary.

Even if you cannot go to our facilities, we will collect your originals with great care at your workshop, or we will send the transport company DHL as we have an agreement with this company with extensive experience in transporting objects of great value.


We have sturdy wooden boxes so that your original does not suffer damage during transport to our foundry.

It is with this method that we execute sculptures for various plastic artists throughout Europe.

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