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Estudio de Escultura

For private clients, City Councils, Institutions, Architects, Companies or property developers we offer a specialized custom sculpture service.


We can create trophies, bronze busts, life-size sculptures, monuments, murals or bronze reliefs.


We can also design and produce ephemeral artistic installations, exhibition stands for brands and design and production of mascots or sets and decorative objects for theater, cinema, advertising, etc.


We also design and produce pieces of urban furniture, informational and tourist signage.


Our team of sculptures and creatives can carry out any project proposed to us.

Life Size Sculptures

Order Process

To order a bust, sculpture or any other form of homage, you must first send us 4 to 6 photographs of the honoree.

Once the budget has been approved, we will begin the execution of the original clay sculpture, taking into account the photos sent and other necessary information.

For a bust it takes a month to reach the desired model.


For a full-body or life-size sculpture, we must allow for 2 months of execution.


The whole process implies that the client travels to our studio at least twice to monitor the process and give any indications he deems relevant.

Once the original sculpture is approved, we will move on to the bronze casting process, which will take about 8 weeks.




Religious Sculpture